Friday, 9 June 2017

Just wear the dress!

Maxi Dress JD Williams | Sandals JD Williams | Basket Sun Jellies

During the summer months I will wear dresses (or a jumpsuit) pretty much every single day, I find them so easy to wear. They are comfortable and take no forward planning, no trying to find a top which compliments it, just pop on a pair of sandals and i'm good to go.

While my mum uniform for the autumn/winter month might be a pair of high waisted jeans, a t-shirt and Converse, during the summer its dresses all the way. I'm totally in love with this JD Williams maxi dress and have happily popped it on in the morning, done the school run and continued with my day.

To me, this is no big deal, I love the dress, I feel comfortable, I feel good! But I was really shocked at how many comments, looks and stares I got at the school gate, which actually prompted me to write this post.



I had a few comments telling me they liked my maxi dress and asked where I got it from, which is obviously lovely and if you are a regular reader you will know I love sharing when I find something special. 

But, I also got a few stares, the ones that linger, which look you up and down and generally make you feel a tad uncomfortable. I have always been the sort of person who dresses for myself and only myself, as long as I feel good then thats all that matters and this maxi dress makes me feel good. So I pay no mind to these looks.

Bomber Jacket JD Williams | Sunglasses Vintage

Later that day when collecting Tiger from school I had a conversation with one of my friends who's son also goes to the same school. She first told me she liked my dress and wished she was brave enough to wear something like this on the school run. I just didn't understand this, I hadn't realised the school run had a dress code?

She said she too had a maxi dress which she loved, wanted to wear and felt good in but decided against wearing it in the fear that other mums would think or mutter 'look at her, who does she think she is?' so instead she wore jeans and a top which actually she disliked and funnily enough felt equally uncomfortable in but for other reasons.

Sandals JD Williams
For me, I always try to only buy clothes I LOVE, that make me feel good and which I immediately want to wear. I never save clothes for best, just style it differently to dress it up or dress it down. 

I try not to let others peoples opinions dictate what I wear, I think clothes should make you feel good and should be a way to express yourself. My clothes often reflect my current mood and if the sun is shining, I'm sure as hell going to wear my lovely new summery maxi dress which makes me feel fabulous! Why wouldn't I? 

So the next time you fancy wearing 'that dress' but worry about what others will think, don't! Just put it on and I will guarantee you will feel fabulous too! Just wear the dress!

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