Thursday, 22 June 2017

Top 5 Things We Are Looking Forward to at Camp Bestival 2017

Camp Bestival Family Friendly Festival

Eeeeek!! We are so excited to be able to announce that we have been chosen as Camp Bestival 2017 Official Rockstars and we can't wait to go!

Earlier this year I talked about doing more things with the kids that I will enjoy as much as they do and going to a family friendly festival was top on my 2017 bucket list.

I've heard so much about Camp Bestival from previous years and everyone I have spoken to about it has loved every minute of it. We've literally studied this years line up and it sounds like it's going to be the best one yet!

Here are our Top 5 Things we are most looking forward to experiencing at Camp Bestival 2017.

1. The Line Up - On my list so far,  I can't wait to see Mark Ronson, All Saints and I'm intrigued by Disney Rascal. They are said to be making quite a name for themselves on their take on those famous Disney songs, I'm hoping for a remix of 'Under the sea' my fave.

There is absolutely nothing like hearing a band playing live, out in the countryside. The atmosphere is going to be electric and I can't wait to share that experience as a family. I know Beaux especially is going to be in his element, he loves music and is quite the little dancer.

2. Festival Wear - This years theme is Pop & Rockstars, so I've been collecting ALL the cool band tees for the Little Lads and they have quite the collection of bandanas too. They are not really into face paint but they do love a good temporary tattoo so I'm sure they will be covered in them! Me on the hand love it, expect to see me with a face full of glitter and the loudest clothes I can get my hands on.

Camp Bestival Family Friendly Festival
Camp Bestival Family Friendly Festival

3. Camping - I can't believe I'm actually saying this, we've never been camping before and if I'm honest I haven't a clue what to expect but since buying our fancy new blow up tent and other 'camping stuff' (the technical term) we are really excited. I think it's the thought of being in the mix of it all, out there with nature and being fully immersed in the whole festival experience.

4. Food - Every time I look at the food page on the Camp Bestival website my stomach grumbles in appreciation. There is a huge variety of food and it all sounds so delicious. I'm a bit of a foodie when it comes to festivals and its one of the things I most look forward to.

5. New Experience - This is a brand new experience for all of us as a family but I just know we are all going to love it. The music, the food, the buzzing atmosphere where the kids can be kids and run around a bit wild. Just to spend time together laughing, dancing, having fun with family and friends and making new amazing memories.

Camp Bestival Family Friendly Festival
Camp Bestival 27th-30th July, for ticket information click here

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