Monday, 28 August 2017

Back to school shopping, the fun part!

Tigers back to school range

I can't believe it is only a weeks before the little lads return to school, the summer has flown by! About this time i'm usually in a mad panic trying to buy new school uniform and preparing for the big return but this year i'm feeling rather smug as i've already done it all! Every single thing, sorry I know no one likes a bragger but this never happens.

While I pretty much hate buying school uniform, it is always a bit stressful with neither of my sons sizes ever in stock, or the inevitable arguments over spending an additional £20 for shoes which light up! One thing we do all agree on and love is purchasing new spangly stationary sets and lunch boxes and as a family we all love Tiger! There are never any arguments browsing in there.

Tiger has a really cool, quirky and very affordable back to school range. These sea life inspired sandwich boxes, water bottle and insulated bag are very cool. I love that it isn't a traditional design and should hopefully stand out from the rows and rows of other lunch boxes at school.

When I was younger my most favourite thing about the new school year was shopping for new stationary! Growing up I would have loved a shop like Tiger to browse in with my pocket money, these fast food erasers would have definitely graced my pencil case, especially as a pack of four only cost £1, the jumbo zip pencil case was only £2 and it's all lovely quality. You could easily buy a cute rucksack, new funky stationary for all under £10 which is such a bargain.

Beaux is starting 'big school' next week, I can't believe it and I get a little lump in my throat every time I think about it, but he's so excited and ready for this new adventure. He's already packed his new rucksack with his fancy new pencil case (as he calls it) He's also packed a satsuma for lunch which I must remember to take out as I'm pretty sure it will be rotten by the time school starts!

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