Wednesday, 27 September 2017

On Blackheath Festival WITH KIDS (and without)

On Blackheath Festival was our finally family festival of the summer and what a way to say goodbye!! It was my favourite festival of 2017!! Maybe deep down I know i'm not much of a camper so being able to go home and return showered well rested and fresh faced was definitely a bonus, for us as a family the jury is still out on whether we are a family that likes to camp.

We headed to On Blackheath early on Saturday, i've never been to On Blackheath before and I just really loved the setting for this family festival, I instantly felt at ease and welcomed the intimate festival vibe. The stages, food stalls, toilets and activities we easy to locate and the festival itself was easy to navigate which is just what I want when accompanied by little legs who are not keen on walking long distances.

Although there was a good crowd of festival goers, it never felt over overcrowded even at the main stages. I felt like we could get into the mix and soak in the vibes, have a little dance without worrying that the little lads would get crushed, knocked or bumped. I was also pleased to see a separate area for when the kids just want to be kids, the children's entertainment and activities were all grouped nicely together.

The little lads enjoyed practising circus acts, in fact so did The Mister who was quite the dab hand on the stilts! They burnt off some energy climbing up the rigs of a huge pirate ship and got all creative doing some street art. For some quieter moments we enjoyed the storytellers and performance tents.

We didn't stay too late and ended our first day listening to Craig Charles, it was immense! We all had a boogie, Beaux bobbing along on The Mister's shoulders, he was really excited when he spotted himself on the big screens. We left exhausted but feeling like we had a really excellent day and couldn't wait to return the following day.

Unfortunately, on the Sunday the little lads were feeling a little under the weather so they stayed at home with The Mister and I met some friends and headed to On Blackheath alone. I'm a HUGE Libertines fan and have been to a few of their gigs pre-kids so I had been looking forward to seeing them perform, in fact I couldn't wait!

On Blackheath without the kids felt like a totally different experience, we browsed the vintage stalls, ate halloumi and lamb kebabs and I treated myself to a few more drinks. I managed to see more acts this time and loved KT Tunsall and Jake Bugg and of course, my faves The Libertines.

The Libertines were on top form and having not seen them perform in years I was in my element! I couldn't quite make it into the moshpit but the atmosphere was absolutely unreal, we danced the entire set and I have been talking about it ever since!

I completely loved On Blackheath as a family friendly festival, the food was yummy, the kids entertainment was really fun and the music acts were fabulous!! It had such an amazing atmosphere and I will definitely be returning next year.

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