Hi! I am Carissa a mama of two gorgeous (if I must say so myself) little likely lads Tiger (7) and Beaux (4) and a beautiful step daughter Violet (11).

I like to describe this here blog as a life and style parenting blog, expect to see lots of mama and children style inspiration, plenty of family days out and family travel with a dash of whatever else takes my fancy. I try to write about things that as a mum I would want to read about myself.

I'm forever shopping!  Its so bad that all The Mister needs to do is just mention that we need something new and before he has had a chance to finish his sentence I've researched it, grabbed a bargain and its on its way! The beauty of an iPhone!! I begrudgingly buy things full price (unless I totally love it!....which is often!) and you will always find me riffling through sale rails, at a car boot sale in charity shops or more often when life's busy, online shopping. Although with that said I do believe that you are better off buying some pieces that are exceptional quality, made to last.

Other than shopping we love day outs and travelling as a family, officially I am a 'stay at home mama' but staying at home is the last thing we do! We are always exploring woods, having bike rides by the rivers or visiting new towns and cities and when we are really lucky new countries too!

My other biggest love is taking photos! I'm an Instagram fiend and love flicking back through old photos so you might find my blog posts are mainly 'hold the text and heavy on the photos'

Little Likely Lads is PR friendly blog and I really enjoy working with brands big and small, for more details on this see my Work With Me page or feel free to just send me an email littlelikelylads@gmail.com

I really hope you enjoy my little space, don't forget to say hi from time to time, I love to hear from you either through comments or email.

Love Carissa x



  1. hi your kids {including your step daughter}are beautiful and also where are u from

  2. Hiya! Thank you, that's really sweet of you. I am from England x

  3. your welcome what kind of hair did you use for your crochet braids


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